about us
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"MISS serving the community with a high quality education system and applying interactive modern teaching system actively by promoting religious morals facing the global era."

“Hold The World Through Knowledge” as our motto, MISS has a mission to renounce countless top quality graduates with high morality standard both academically and leadership, and to care and be aware of local, national and international resources.
MISS Elementary School
School's Licence

Our school has fully obtained permission from the “Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kota Malang” and our school is registered with the NPSN.

Learning Benefits
A place to learn new things and build more skills to create a greater boundary in the future. MISS focuses on the knowledge, concept, ability, characteristic development through individual approach. Many specialized courses that can help you to build more skills and knowledge.
Full in English

We using English in daily conversation everyday and every time at school.

Full Day School

School's active day are from Monday until Friday.

Small Class

Every class only has no more than 20 students.

Religious Activity

We have religious program's (tahfidz and iqro' for moslem student's, renungan pagi for non-moslem student's)


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