The boy who lied – Story Created by Erel

Somewhere in the icy Island named "igluoo" there was a good boy named "Bobo". There was a bad naughty boy named "rorke". They live in a village.

In the village, they have a siren that will be activated in case when there is a natural disaster of thief, you crank the handle to activate it.

One day, rorke had a bad idea that his friends disagree with him, he planned to trick the whole village by activating the siren.

So when bobo was eating some pies, He suddenly heard a siren, he was panicking. And so, as the whole village, they thought it was a natural disaster or robbery. So they went to check the siren.

Rorke then hides quickly, the villagers found
nothing bad happening. But, they felt they didn't hear siren wrong. So the whole village were very confused.

Bobo then caught Rorke in the bush, they were very mad at him because doing what Rorke did was very bad. Rorke now apologizes to the villagers.

Moral of the story is Never lie to people.

Protagonist : Bobo
Antagonist : Rorke

Created by : Erlangga Nanditama (Erel - Grade 4)

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