As our motto, MISS has a mission to renounce countless top quality graduates with high morality standard both academically and leadership, and to care and be aware of local, national and international resources.

About us

MISS serving the community with a high quality education system and applying interactive modern teaching system actively by promoting religious morals facing the global era.

Our 4 in 1 Programs


We use English for daily communication for each students and teacher, so all the students can be fluently talking English everyday.

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Each class only contains under 15 students, so that the teacher will fully focus on the development and growth of the students.

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School active on Monday until Friday, so that students can spare much time with their family on Weekend.

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MISS also has religion cluster (Tahfidz and reading Iqro' for moslem students, and Renungan Pagi for Catholic and Christian students). 

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about  US

MISS Elementary School has fully obtained permission from the

Dinas Pendidikan Kota Malang

and has been registered with the NPSN.

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Within only 2 years MISS elementary school was able to achieve their accreditation. On October 15, 2021, MISS elementary school was officially accredited and got a B grade with the value 88.

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Welcome to MISS Elementary School.

We hope that you discover the warmth and friendliness of our community and the depth and excitement of our programs as you visit our website. 

As the proverb "out of sight, out mind", this website is made to answer your curiosity about MISS Elementary School. We try to show our methods to conduct the learning process every day that are related to the student's life and can build the student's character at once. 

Thus, the student will have good behavior while improving their life skill. Besides that, the school programs are also arranged to support the students' success both in the national and international realm without leaving their culture.

MISS Elementary School is one of the private schools in Malang, East Java. This school was established in April 2019 and has been officially licensed by Malang Education Board in December 2019. MISS has been specifically designed to enrich the academic life of all of our students. We have numerous qualified teachers. It is easily recognized all staff and students together are able to enjoy high-quality teaching and learning. 

MISS Elementary School has four main programs, i.e. full-day school, religion cluster, using English in daily conversation, and small class (no more than 20 students in each class). Those programs are arranged to maximize the learning process and strengthen the bonding of teachers, students, and school. We do hope, through it, the school and teachers have a special part and meaningful effect on the student's growth process. Not only has that, MISS through its wonderful community and collaborative partnerships, providing an education that is more than just schooling. Therefore, our students have numerous opportunities to find and explore their passions and talent within school life that synergizes with their academic progress. 

Even though nothing is easy for the first time, but we believe that the struggle that we do today is the single way to build a better future. So, we always give our best effort to show that we concern with the student's education and life. 

Thank you.

Nur Aini H.S. S.Pd.